1. Oh my god. I’m dying.

  2. My #boo makes da best #chili. #spicy

  3. fairytalesfor20somethings:


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    "Alice was fascinated by what she saw in Tumblr-land. Competing fandoms, TV show quotes, and cats, cats, cats! But she kept scrolling, and nothing could prepare her for what she saw next: ____________________."

    /////  More in Alice in Tumblr-land: And Other Fairy Tales for a New Generation.

  4. These are two orphaned baby animals; a wombat and a kangaroo. Both their mamas were killed by cars. They became BFFs while being cared for at a hospital in Australia.



  5. So, I was right. Whatever had taken hold of me a few weeks ago is slowly starting to pass. I’m okay with not running away.

    But it makes me wonder… how often will this happen in my life? Does it ever really go away?

    Maybe I was just hungry.


  6. I want to cry like a little kid. Kicking. Screaming. The whole thing.


  7. I feel very strongly that I should do a video remake of the Foxy Lady scene from Wayne’s World, but it should be me as an Ewok Lady.

  8. Sometimes I just want everything to be soft and pink and shiny.

  9. blameitonsocietyx:

    Abandoned house in the woods.

    I want to live there.

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  10. This is how I do Fall.